Real ghosts Photos

Long Exposure:-

This setting is ten seconds, a disclosure was made by placing the camera on a tripod. Subject, wearing a long black coat, a semi-transparent film, as a result has become the next frame, in front of the camera for three seconds.

Shade in the grass:-

This photograph of Arlington, Six Flags Great America Amusement Park in Texas during a visit to one of Florian, Alabama, on the by Jackie Rhame. Sweater is clearly wearing a red shirt with a white collar, or a little boy in the grass, the Figure shows a semi-transparent. Rain and wet on the outside with a camera, and it was misting on C -126. She is just a file picture of the Texas Giant

Red Spectre in the forest:-

This is a photograph by Ms. Mock was taken near a river in a forest preserve. This type of lens flare effect that there is direct sunlight, and a red blur near the center of a photograph of a role in this film because it's definitely not the first or last image. In fact it may take the shape of a human being.

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