Ghost Stories

Axe Murder Hollow:

Susan and wooded empty section of highway by Ned said. Lightning flashed, thunder roared, the sky went dark torrential downpour.
"We'd better stop," said Susan.
              Ned agreement and nodded his head. He stepped on the brake, and suddenly the car started to slide on the slick pavement. They fell off the road and fell to halt at the bottom of an incline.
              Pale and shaking, Ned quickly turned to check if Susan's all right. When she nodded, Ned relaxed and looked through the rain soaked windows.
              "I'm going to see how bad," he told Susan, and into the new storm. She was walking around the front of the car, saw the number of its vague. A moment later, he was soaking wet, jumped in beside her.
              "Car badly damaged, but we're not deep in the soil-wheel drive," he said. "I'm going to have to go for help."
              Susan swallowed nervously. It may be of immediate rescue. Headlights off and lock the door, he told her he was coming back.
              Axe Murder Hollow. Ned said the name out loud, even if they are locked out of his car, said she was aware that he might be thinking. This is a man who once took an ax and a jealous rage over an alleged affair with his wife's death was hacked is the place. This section of the road continued to be haunted by the spirit of her husband intentionally holding ax.
Outside the car, Susan, a shriek, a loud thump, and heard a strange gurgling noise. But she could not see anything in the dark.
              Fearing she dropped down into the seat. She sat in silence for a while, and then she noticed another sound. Bump. Bump. Bump. It is something to go by air, such as a soft sound.
Suddenly, the car was set up by a bright light. An official sounding voice told her to get the car. Ned is a police officer. Susan unlocked the door and stepped out the car. As her eyes adjusted to the bright light, she saw.
              Ned's dead body hanging from the tree next to the car with his feet is. Blood in his throat cut so deeply that he was nearly decapitated. It thumped against the tree, his body swung back and forth in the air. Bump. Bump. Bump.
              Susan screamed and ran toward the voice and the light. By the time she was close, she realized that the light was not coming from a flashlight. With a smile on his face and in his hand a large solid, and certainly there is no burning of a person standing with a real ax. Relaxed its grip into her car until she backed away Monday from person to person.
              "Playing around when my back," devil-sharp blade of the ax with his fingers stroking, whispered. "You've been very naughty."
              The last thing she saw a great, bright light is the brightness of the ax blade.

Black Aggie:

              Druid Ridge Felix Agnus Agnus family plot in the cemetery, sitting on the stage of the life-sized shrouded bronze statue of a grieving angel, when formed, has no idea what he had started. The statue frozen in a moment of grief and terrible pain, rather than the day a strange person, is. Night, the figure was almost unbelievably creepy; until you are up close to the head, the face fabric is unclear. If you really care if the hands that reach out and grab you as a living air about the grieving angel, is.

              Rumours of the town and surrounding countryside, it did not take long for the sweep. Black Aggie nickname - she lay under the feet of the statue said they were haunted by the spirit of a mistreated wife. The statue's eyes at midnight, and the statues gaze would instantly struck blind will glow red at the back of any living person. A pregnant woman through her shadow would miscarry. If you sat on her lap at night, the statue came to life and crush you to death in her dark embrace. You Black Aggie's name three times at midnight, spoke in front of a dark mirror, the evil angel appears and hell will pull you down. They gather around the statue of the night, the dark nights of the souls of the dead rise from their graves, he said.

              People began visiting the cemetery just to see the statue, and the statue of the local fraternity decided that as part of their initiation rites of Grief. Candidates for membership of the night, the grave of General Agnus under the back of the statue was the person known as the cost of "Black Aggie" sitting.

              One dark night, two fraternity members' graves with new hope, however, that he had watched her under the statue of creepy. Clouds obscured the moon that night, and the whole area surrounding the dark statue was filled with a sense of anger and jealousy. A storm is brewing in that part of the cemetery, thought, and causing their depression, fear, crouching in front of a statue of the alliance, members of the gray shadows seemed to be clustering around the body that alliance candidate.

              What had been a funny initiation rite suddenly took on an air of danger. One of the fraternity brothers came to the start of the alarm call. He is the way, the statue above the boy stirred ominously. Shrouded head toward the new candidate into a two fraternity brothers froze in shock. The statue's arms reached out toward the cowering boy hides under the hood of glowing red eyes and saw the light.

              With shouts of alarm, the fraternity brothers to protect the new growth to begin. But it was too late. To get started gave a horrified yell, and then his body disappeared into the embrace of the Dark Angel. A statue of their glowing eyes rested thoughtfully on them to halt as the fraternity brothers skidded. With many of them to grab the statue in front of the gasps of terror, the boys fled from the cemetery.

              Hearing screams, a night watchman at the Agnus plot hurried. , Causing his depression, he is a young man's body was found at the foot of the statue. The young man apparently died of fright.

              Disruption caused by the statue in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC Agnus family finally donated it grew so intense. Druid Hill Park Cemetery plague the citizens visiting the grieving angel, again, there has never sat for many years in storage.

Black Magic:

             Mad Henry at the edge of town is a saint who lived alone in a decrepit building. Rumors were rife about the wild eyes, man. Some of the folks that the forces of darkness to wreck havoc on his neighbors said he is a magician. Restore life to foul corpses from the local cemetery for others to him as a mad doctor. Henry has no relevant citizen of the town of Mad.

             Then one year, a new family of Mad Henry, attracted the attention of a beloved daughter, Rachel, moved to the town. He is pure gold gifts-goblets, Pearl necklaces of a petal with a pot of Daisies in the rain never fell. Despite the gifts, Rachael, in love with another Geoffrey, from the home of a beautiful young man fell to the University. Meeting a week later, they left a stunned Mad Henry, eloped.

             Rachael and Geoffrey returned from the elopement, they threw a big ball and invited everyone in the town. Rachel Waltzing with his father, but, as a girl, she heard thunder. Again the lightning flashed. Suddenly, the double doors open and a breeze blew it dead, decaying things, bringing in the odor whirled. Mad Henry students తళుకులీనేటట్లుందని red with anger, was in the door. He marched into the room of the dead, both of the two odd numbers, then. They have their eye sockets around the room with the blue fire glowed.

Geoffrey captured two corpses at the feet of the Lord threw down to him. Red eyes gleaming, Mad Henry drew a silver blade knife and cut the throat of the groom, usually from ear to ear. Rachel screams, and the death of a foul, stinking corpses of pushing through, ran forward, and flung herself on her husband's death.

             "Kill us both," she cried desperately.

             But Mad Henry lass plucked out of the pool of blood around her dead husband, and she was boisterous night. Behind him, turned, and their main army of the dead from the scene after the ash color. Alchemist and his dead companions and disappeared into the darkness as the night away with the sounds of thunder and lightning.

             Geoffrey's father, and the father of Rachel and Rachel save a small mob gathered on the evil monk, after intention. Mad Henry's house when they searched, they bobbed near the ceiling of each room of the mysterious series of globes, which shone a light, save for it was completely empty. Mad Henry was tempered.

             Search parties scoured the countryside for days, but nothing turned up. Geoffrey was buried in the local cemetery, and the dance hall was demolished. No one talked about what had happened in town, and no one can imagine what the poor has become the killing of Rachel.

             A year after the day of the ball, a timid knock sounded on the door of Rachel's parents' house. Since the beginning of her father, he was a skinny stoop, saw the number of gray. Her eyes were dull with exhaustion and pain. This is Rachel! She could not speak, her tongue was cut out. But a knife from her tattered dress they've seen in the past at the hands of the production of silver knife blade when the Mad Henry - Rachel's eyes gleam of satisfaction told them that there were knife coated with blood streaks Mad Henry. That night, Rachel is a peaceful smile on his face destroyed with the death of her sleep.

Raw Head and Bloody Bones:

             Way back in the deep woods in the Ozarks famous for the best conjuring woman lived a scrawny old woman. One yellow and one green - her black and gray hair, funny eyes, beaten and her crooked nose, Old Betty was not a pretty picture, but she is the best at fixing what ailed a person, and that is all that counts.

             Old Betty's house, filled with herbs and roots, and conjuring medicine bottles full. The walls are lined with books, novelty brimming with magic spells. Know how to read the old Betty Hollow, there is only one country; also a magician with his grandmother, her magic skills taught as part of the training.

             Old friend, Betty, is just about the only place she ran around the forest in a tough, mean, ugly old razorback hog is. It's a lot of junk in her kitchen all the leftover letters, which began to affect established. Some folks old razorback hog sometimes walked upright like a man swore that down. Boiling up some potions in her kitchen as a person, he, she, however, pig split away, sitting in a rocker on the porch of the Old Betty would like to have seen, but everyone said it with a little too much on account of the story was adapted for a discount of Moonshine.

             "Raw Head" ugly creature dead pigs in The Hague - scald Hollow butchering in the time to come down a bit as can be seen by the way, refers to the name Old Betty gave the razorback. razorback do not mind the funny name. Raw head around her little cabin and kitchen leftovers after the old Betty kept up rooting. Her own remedies to sell to a local merchant, he'd walk to the town with her.

             Well, the town folks came to the business without him, it is so old Betty Haag - driving around the town, looked at the potential novelty of a day Raw Head and Old Betty was used to seeing.

             "Where Raw Head?" He's home - her basket full of potions compensation as agreed upon by the owner. Old Betty, this is a concern in the liquid in the bottles swished: "I have not seen him around today, and I'm worried a great town, where you have seen him. '"

             "No one has seen him around today. They told me that they will do," said the owner of the trade. "We'll keep you fer a lookout."

             "You'll be the most powerful. If you see him, tell him to come home straightaway," Old Betty said. He was handed over to the pay week, as she nodded agreement with the owner of the trade.

             Betty all the way to the old home fussed. In particular, the disappearance of the head of Raw as the day they went to town is not. The average person is not always the best scraps at the business to save the old razorback, and Raw Head never missed a visit. When conjuring the old woman got home, she is a potion mixed and poured onto a flat plate.

             "Where the old Hog's got?" She asked liquid. It is a series of images and then clouded over. The first, Old Betty rounding does not belong to him, razorback hogs, wild living in the hills around the sack next to nothing for the experienced hunter. Raw is one of the pigs head. Then she followed him out of town, where they sacrificed their Razorbacks, The Hague - scald Hollow was brought down to the pigs. Then the rest of the victims of her pigs, she Hague, Raw Head, who is out for gutting. Once the liquid end of the film she is in The Hague that the bloody bones of the pile, and other metrics of his game with a clean head lying in a pile.

             Old Betty was infuriated the death of her only friend. Normal and normal, she was murdered. Raw Head of the three counties that everyone knew her friend, and lazy, good for nothing hunter Hague abduction hills to pay for his sacrifice.

             Old Betty White is now conjuring more time to practice, but she knew too dark secrets. Her grandmother gave her an old, secret book pulled out and turned the final page. She lit several candles and Raw Head and his bloody bones, put them around the plate with a picture of the liquid. Then she began to chant: "Raw Head and Bloody Bones Raw Head and Bloody Bones .."

             If a candle was snuffed as the sun disappeared in the light from the windows. Old Betty's cabin into the clearing where the dark clouds billowed, and dark spirits howl of the wind in the treetops liable to be pummeled heard.

             "Raw Head and Bloody Bones. Raw Head and Bloody Bones."

             Leave a bolt of lightning and Hog silver plate - in the direction of scald Halo title, thrown out of the window until streaked Betty continued to chant.

             Light silver with heads of other hog hunter's wagon piled on Raw, Head of the severed head, which, when struck, it will fall to the ground and bloody bones that once inhabited his body from touching the wound. Hunter's wagon rumbled away on the side of the peak, as he lived, as enchanted Raw Head: "Bloody bones, up to dance!"

             Soon, blood bones, Head of Raw when he is alone with Old Betty was often, upright walking skeleton of a razorback hog reassembled themselves. Through the woods searching for the weapons to be used against the head-hunter and his skeleton and hopped on Raw Head. He died from a decomposed raccoon leopard, a long-dead bear claws, and tail, sharp teeth, and his skin took to put them in the head and bloody bones.

             Raw head and then slaughtered for the hunter looking, headed up the track to the summit. Raw Head thief passed on the road with his horse and wagon hunter fell and slid on the name of the barn. Raw Head climbed up into the loft waiting for the hunter to come home.

             Hunter drove into the barn and unhitched his horse, it was dusk. Raw Head sensing the presence of the horse in the loft, in fear snorted. His general - do not interfere with the horse is calm wondering, hunter looked around and saw eyes staring down at him from the darkness in a large pair loft.

             Hunter, it is one of the light circulating in the local children's thinking, frowned.

"Land o 'GOSHEN, fer the big eyes, what you got?" The children were trying to scare him, thinking he was some crazy mask, snapped.

             "To see your tomb," Raw Head very slowly rumbled. Hunter and irritably snorted into the room to put his horse.

"Very funny. Ha, ha," said the hunter. He came out of the room, he saw Raw Head had crept forward a bit more. Now bears his bright yellow eyes and his claws clearly visible.

             "Land o 'GOSHEN, fer the large claws, what you got?" He snapped. "You look ridiculous."

             "Dig your grave ..." Raw raised the hairs on the back of the neck, head, hunter deep rumble of his voice, pillion intoned. Crazy kid in his loft, he made a dreadful sound so sure, uneasily, not stirred. If this is really a crazy kid.

             Feeling a little spooked, he was born and he hurried out the door. Raw head fell out of the loft, and he came down on the side of the back of the barn. With nary a rustle to reveal his presence, Raw Head of a large, moonlight through the trees and the way the rock was up. panther teeth only things showing his yellow eyes, his bear claws, and he has a raccoon tail, so he hid the shadow of a huge rock.

             Hunter with a level of rock on the side of the path, when he gave a startled yelp. Raw Head staring at, he gasped: "You are crazy about you baby, I do not have the right to do what you fer the extreme tail of the land o 'GOSHEN, taking to heart?"

             "To sweep your grave ..." Head of Raw every echo of his voice, with hypnosis to get hard and loud, echoing through the woods, day-to-day. Hunter took to his heels and ran to his cabin. He raced passed the old well house decomposed over the fence and into his yard, approved wood pile. Raw Head, but faster. Hunter reached his porch, Raw Head rose from the shadows and was on top of him. Raccoon hunter leopard's tail and sharp teeth clinched his panther teeth, ugly razorback unit, with its long bear claws in his blood, bone skeleton, Head of Raw panther teeth yellow eyes stared up at the terrorist.

             "Land o 'GOSHEN, fer the big teeth you had to do?" He is the person in front of the terrible retreat from stumbling, desperately gasped.

             "As you wanted to eat me, eat you up!" Descending on the prowl for a good head on anything, roared. Murdering thief moonlight gave a long scream. Silent, and there was the sound of Crunching.

             Peak residents have seen or heard anything more lazy hunter. His horse also disappeared that night. But sometimes folks Raw Head roaming through the forest in the company of his friend Old Betty wants. And once a month, the full moon night on Raw, raccoon tail to his head in a hole cut out for his blood over the bones of the old man, dressed in blue Overalls, horse riding through the town is a hunter. His blood, the bear clawed hands, lifting it high against the full moon, everyone can see that he, his raw, razorback unit shipped.

The Brick Wall:

             Massey, his commanding officer, a soldier, I unfortunately cross. He did not live to regret it. I was a soldier's heart during our duel into the tip of my knife thrust in the moment when something is very satisfying. I watched him fall to the ground with the satisfaction of a job well done.
             I feel depressed by the men in the next few weeks. Massey said that they are often, but I ignore their conversations.
             One night, I sulk into my rooms and Massey's friends soon joined by a group of men with a representative. Surprise, and they come to their senses and now he is delighted to learn that the imposter was lieutenant for the gothic. We also shared a round of drinks and laughed together. I drank too much that I'm afraid.
             We suggest that the lower dungeons to explore other soldiers. I like the idea of ​​a fine. We have our voices echoing through the narrow passages, drinking and singing and laughing, merry spirits of the set. We went deeper and deeper. My head started spinning and my legs felt like rubber after the consumption of alcohol. I have a lot of my shame, afraid of being drunk at absent from.
             I came, I wore my wrist and ankles on the floor was lying on my back. Spinning drunk men, I thought.
             "Very funny, From Lads," I called out. "Now set me free."
             The soldiers did not answer me. A moment passed, and Massey's best friend cannon and a mason's trowel, holding the door appeared. The other men began to give him the bricks, and I realize that the soldiers are bricking the entrance to the cell in which he played the layout. "Very funny," I said again.
             No one answered me. Until then they will be a series of two, laying brick after brick, working in silence. They, of course, I played an evil joke.
             Massey's best friend in his work, then paused and looked directly into my eyes. At the time, I realized that the joke is no joke. Scream scream ripped from my throat, then I struggle against my bonds. I was deep within the castle dungeon, and no one heard my screams.
             They are the last row of brick. I'm desperately trying to escape my fate with my wealth, now reduced to a bribe. But no one listened to my bribes. The last brick in the last chink of light as it disappeared from sight, put in place, as I watched in horror heart thudding. I fort deep, dark dungeon have been buried alive. I was against the iron manacles binding the hands and feet slithering and twisting my body, in panic howled. I finally, the floor against the back of my wrist and ankles wet down my own blood.
My fingers were torn and hard to the floor against the intense throbbing from their scrabbling. During my life I have never shed a tear for me, however, could not be found weeping angrily.
             I thought of the pain in my wrist, ankles, and hands racking sent slithering again despite the terrible pain. Daylight. I need to see daylight again. Once more.
"Do not leave me here to die alone, 'Do not leave me!"
But I'm lonely, and it's just brutal horror overwhelmed me. My eyes strained against the full and complete darkness, and I wondered if they even open.
Dear God, I do not get. I do not get. I do not get!

What is ghost

Black ghost


I want to request for your opinion, "What is a ghost?" 

We are a living ghost is usually the object of a "spirit" is to think. That if 
Case, then the entire world will be ghosts - and certainly this does not 

He / she / it will undo something when I think that one is a ghost 
He / she / it dies, while. Therefore, he / she / it is unusual in trying to 
Right before going to the world that he / she / it go. 

I was in Malaysia and a number of horrific stories I have heard disturbing ghosts 
People. See More recently, he said, and I came across a new friend 
From a small boy on his demons.

Different types of ghost:-

Pretty ghost
Smart ghost
Group of ghost
Group of ghost

Super ghost
Super ghost 

Movie ghost
Movie ghost

Stranger Devil
Stranger Devil

Devil King
Devil King

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